1:1 Video Consultation with Interior Designer Lee Orlian

Book a private 1-hour video meeting to receive expert guidance, advice, and recommendations for your child’s personalized nursery or room design project.

Need Help Designing Your Child's Room? I Can Help!

Hi there! I’m Lee Orlian, an interior designer specializing in creating beautiful and functional spaces for nurseries and kids’ rooms. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with design decisions and looking for some guidance, I’m here to help.

With this service, we’ll have a video chat conversation where I’ll listen to your needs and work with you to turn your vision into reality. I’ll provide you with personalized design advice, product recommendations, furniture layout tips, and more.

Whether you’re just starting to plan or in the middle of your project, I’ll help you develop solid plans and ideas that give you the foundation for success.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step in creating a beautiful and functional space for your little ones, let’s chat! I’m here to help you make your design dreams come true.

How It Works

Share your style and ideas

Complete the Pre-Call Questionnaire

After payment is made, you'll receive an email with a link to a pre-call design questionnaire. The form will allow you to share a floor plan, images of the room, style preferences, and any questions or dilemmas you might have about your project.

Video Consultation

Join the Video Consultation Call

Click the Google Meet link in your confirmation email to join our video conference at the scheduled time. During our 1 hour session, we will work through your questions, and I'll share a clear design plan to help you meet your style and budget.

Resource Access

Post-Meeting Summary

After our meeting, I'll send you a follow-up email summarizing the key points discussed, and provide you with a PDF file of the your personalized recommendations board. This board includes all the information we covered during our session. You can refer to it whenever necessary.

Examples of Things We Can Discuss During Our Video Consultation

You are free to use your consultation time as you see fit, but some popular topics for discussion are provided below:

  • Furniture placement
  • Shopping tips (stores, brands, prices, etc.)
  • Assistance with tricky layouts
  • Review your own design ideas
  • Color palette
  • Furniture & decor selection
  • Paint & wall coverings
  • Window treatments
  • Decor & accessories
  • Mix & match patterns and textures

Is a Video Consultation Suitable for Me?

I’m looking forward to meeting with you, but I understand that a 1:1 video consultation may not be suitable for everyone. Let’s ensure it’s a good fit before you book your consultation. 

You will benefit from this service if:

  • You are working on your child’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery and need a specialist to provide answers to important design questions.
  • You are unclear on the project’s starting point and seek to brainstorm possible ways.
  • You consider a major purchase (furniture, expensive rug, etc.) and seek an expert’s perspective before proceeding.
  • You need help reaching the project’s end and wrapping it up.
  • You are seeking customized, hands-on assistance that caters to your individual needs.

What My Customers Say

Quick and helpful service. I have a few windows in the room and needed help figuring out the right curtain measurements and the number of panels required. I also got a few suggestions on wall colors and decorative pillows. Thank you, Lee!
Lee Drillman
I worked with my daughter on my grandson's nursery, but we couldn't decide on the crib, dresser, and rug. Fortunately, Lee came to our rescue and solved the dilemma.
Rony Yeger
I was in the dark. We moved to a new house, and I wanted to make a special playroom for the kids (and dog). I consulted with Lee, and she presented many creative concepts and showed me how to plan the room from start to finish.
Christine Ann

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re welcome to consult with me on any topic related to your child’s room or nursery design project. Before the consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a pre-call questionnaire where you can share any questions or dilemmas you might have about your project.

During the consultation, you can choose the areas you want to discuss, and I’m here to provide personalized advice and guidance on any of those topics.

Popular topics I cover during consolation calls include furniture placement, tricky layouts, color palettes, furniture and decor selection, paint and wall coverings, window treatments, and more.

My consultation aims to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized design plan for your child’s room or nursery. The consultation process involves three steps:

Step 1: Pre-Call Questionnaire
After you’ve made the payment, I’ll send you a link to a pre-call design questionnaire. This will allow you to provide me with a floor plan, images of the room, style preferences, and any questions or dilemmas you might have about your project.

Step 2: Video Consultation Call
Click the Google Meet link in your confirmation email at the scheduled time to join the video conference. During our one-hour session, we’ll work through your questions and discuss design options that meet your style and budget.

Step 3: Post-Meeting Summary and Personalized Board
After the meeting, I’ll send you a follow-up email summarizing the key points discussed during the call.

In addition, I’ll share a Milanote board that includes all the topics that we covered during the call (an example of some could be design inspiration, colors, links to recommended furniture and decor, etc.)

This online board will allow you to easily access and review all the materials discussed during our session.

I hope this three-step process gives you an idea of what to expect from my consultation. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The cost for a 1-hour video consultation is $147. During this time, we’ll discuss your interior design goals, preferences, and any other relevant topics. If you’d like to continue the consultation beyond the first hour, each additional hour is priced at $100.

I have a passion for interior design, and I’m proud to say that I have the knowledge and experience to help you create the perfect space for your child. In 2020, I earned my Interior Design Certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design, which has equipped me with the skills and techniques needed to excel in the industry.

Additionally, I own a kid’s decor shop called Teepee Joy, which has allowed me to work with hundreds of parents since 2017 on their interior design projects. I’ve gained valuable insights from this experience, and I’m excited to bring my expertise to your project as well.

While I can definitely help you find the general direction of your child’s room design and provide recommendations on any topics you’re interested in, I don’t create a full mood board or complete design plan during the consultation. My goal is to offer personalized guidance and advice to help you create a space that suits your needs and preferences. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive service, I do offer a full room design service, which includes a complete design plan, mood board, shopping list, and 3D room rendering. You can check it out here.

Once you book a consultation, I will send you a confirmation email with a link to a Google Meet video call. During the video call, we will discuss your design goals, preferences, and any other relevant topics. I will also be using an app called Milanote.

Milanote is an app that will help us collaborate effectively during the consultation. I use it to save and organize design inspiration, colors, links to recommended furniture and decor, and any other relevant information we cover during the call.

After the consultation, I will share a PDF file of the Milanote board so you can refer to it whenever necessary. This will ensure you have all the information you need to implement my design recommendations effectively.

Absolutely! As part of the consultation, I’m happy to provide shopping tips and recommendations for furniture and decor. I can suggest stores, brands, and prices that align with your budget and style preferences. Just let me know what you’re looking for, and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.


Designing the ideal room for your child can promote development, encourage creativity and imagination, and reflect your child’s personality, interests, and preferences, making them feel more comfortable and happy in their space.

The problem is that decorating your child’s room can leave you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and stuck.

That’s why I founded Magnifinest, to offer virtual interior design services and assist parents like yourself in turning your child’s room into something special without the usual doubts, time-consuming tasks, or overspending.

I’m excited to help you create a space that you and your child will love and be proud of.

Fine print: This service offers a 1-hour video consultation. You may schedule another appointment at a reduced rate of $100 per hour if you require additional hours. It is important to note that this consultation does not encompass the creation of a design board or floor plan. 

Kindly verify the measurements of your room to guarantee the proper fit for any recommended furniture or decor. I suggest compiling all your questions in the pre-call questionnaire to optimize our time together. 

If you’re starting a room design project from scratch, consider my full-room e-design package!

I'd Love to Hear From You

Whether you have a question to ask or like to provide feedback – You are welcome to fill out the form & I will get back to you as soon as possible.