Our Mission

Our goal is to help parents create the perfect children’s room within their desired budget. We offer a clear and affordable pricing structure, and provide a detailed design plan that is easy to follow in order to create a peaceful, safe, and beautiful space for their little one

What Started It All

Inspired by their children, Lee and Niv Orlian opened a kid’s decor shop in 2017 specializing in kids’ teepees. As a family-owned and operated business, Teepee Joy expanded to meet the demand of its customers for more high-quality, customizable pieces like their teepees.

Now, the shop handmakes and ships out dozens of children’s decor products every day, from blackout curtains to decorative pillows to wall art and more.

Impressed with their well-designed products, Teepee Joy customers frequently turned to Lee for design advice on their nurseries and kids’ rooms. 

Lee realized this was a way she could serve her customers even more while achieving a personal dream. So, she earned her Interior Design Certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design in 2020.

Lee Orlian
Founder, Interior Designer

The Dream Continues

The requests for design advice continued to grow, so Lee and Niv decided to create a resource their customers have been begging for: an online interior design service that caters specifically to expectant parents. Thus, MagnifiNest was born.

Lee and Niv created MagnifiNest with the goal of making professional nursery design accessible, affordable, and actionable for all expecting parents.

With online collaboration more accessible than ever before, the user-friendly platform brings designer and client together to collaborate and create the perfect nursery design based on the client’s ideas and budget.

All that clients need to do is complete a simple design questionnaire and supply a few photos and room dimensions. Then, their dedicated designer guides them from there. In the end, the client receives a final design and clickable shopping list to make their dream nursery a reality.

It’s no wonder the service has become a popular gift from grandmothers to their expectant grandchildren.

Niv Orlian
Founder, CEO

Thanks to Our Loyal Customers

It’s been an amazing journey, from working out of a back room in their house to launching a second nationally-successful company. Lee and Niv are very grateful for their loyal customers and all of their encouragement that has led them to where they are today.

Their journey continues as they strive to help parents create beautiful, safe, and inspiring spaces for their children… starting with the perfect nursery.

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